Plaid Blazers

The classic blazer. Can be dressed up or down, it can look casual or professional. The elegance of the cut and style of the blazer makes it easy for one to look easily put together. Blazers are classically black, but plaid blazers have been a trend that I have seen everywhere; it’s such a cool take on the classic piece  


Earth Tones

I cant help focusing my posts around fall time, it’s my favorite time of the year. I’m always a big fan of earthy tones, whether it comes to my clothes or my makeup. In fall and winter, I think organic colors look especially nice. 

The Trench

Autumn is upon us, and thank goodness for it because I don’t think I would’ve been able to handle another day of scorching sun. With autumn air breaking the stale heat of summer, women everywhere are breaking out their favorite coats. My favorite is the trench, and I really don’t think there is any article of clothing as classic and Européenne. Here are some of my favorite was people have styles the trench. 

City Style Fit 

i put this outfit together pretty much as a basis for a lot of casual looks. basically, we have the cream blouse -very loose- they we tuck into a pair of light wash mom jeans. i really liked the cute pair of eyes on these particular jeans. black pumps looked good to me, but keep in mind that comfort and practicality in a shoe is not to be ignored, so it may be a good idea to opt for something more comfortable. a black mini purse, just chic and pretty. of course i would probably not have a ysl, just cause i can’t fathom shelling out almost a thousand dollars for a bag. minimal jewelry; these earrings caught my eye at the last second and i had to include. for makeup, dark lips. even if the rest of your face is bare, i think dark lips are the perfect choice for this particular outfit. i hope you guys loved this💓, it was fun to make 

How I Incorporate Olive Oil into my Beauty Routine

“Olive oil in your hair?! Ew thats so weird!!”

I can’t tell you how many times someone has said that to me, when they ask about my hair routine. Olive oil has been a natural beauty remedy for thousands of people for thousands of years. It’s health benefits are immeasurable, yet so few people incorporate it into their daily lives. As for me, olive oil has been somewhat of a savior.

Olive oil is an excellent moisturizer for both hair and skin. When I exit the shower, I put my hair into a towel and immediately rub a bit of olive oil onto my whole body. Because the bathroom is warm from the steam from the hot water, the oil practically absorbs into my skin, making it super soft without a greasy residue. I then comb my hair and flip it to shake it out. I pour some olive oil into my hand -not too much, you don’t want to be greasy- and i apply it to my hair, focusing on my ends. When my hair dries, it feels super moisturized and soft, and it doesn’t smell like a salad.

One more way I use olive oil for bodily care is on my face. Every night, after I wash my face, I rub olive oil into my skin. In the morning, my face is just super soft and glowy, not oily at all! Also, I’ve almost never broken out since I started using the oil.

Basically, olive oil is liquid gold and I 100% recommend for you to try it. Also, my apologies for the delayed post, I’ve been on a bit of a slump, but I’m back and better than ever!

Summer Beauty

song: regarde-moi, celine dion

it’s the middle of summer, and when it’s this hot outside, you just know that if you step out with a full face of makeup, you’ll start dripping like one of the popsicles that you see children running around with. i’m a person who enjoys minimal makeup anyway, so i’ve created a quick guide to summer beauty.

  1. sunscreen is a must. do not skip this step. do you know what happens when you sunburn? your skin cells commit mass suicide in order to protect you from cancer caused by the damaged DNA. i don’t know about you, but i’m not about killing my skin.
  2. pack up the foundation. any foundations or heavy coverage makeup that you have must be zipped up and stored until colder months. keep a light coverage bb cream, and a concealer readily available though.
  3. bronzer and highlight, all day everyday. (light handed) glow and definition without that much work. need i say more?
  4. gold/copper shadow. gold looks good on everyone, and its the perfect addition for some nighttime flair.
  5. mascara/brows. both are a hit or miss for me. i was blessed with dark and long lashes, so i tend to just curl them for the day, and i leave my brows bare. (thank you, moroccan genes.)
  6. lipstick. if you ignore everything else that i’ve written, make this the point you don’t ignore. lipstick can 100% pull you together.

don’t feel obligated to do all of these things, it’s just a guideline. i mostly just go without makeup during the summer, but these are things that i do when i want to look better. i hope you enjoyed this post, kisses!

Language Learning

language surrounds us everyday of our lives. it is impossible to live without it. personally, i love languages and trying to learn them. i love that, with some effort, anyone in the world could understand anyone else. because i live in the united states, the english language has dominated my life. however, i’m half moroccan, and my mother will speak to me in arabic (north african dialect) and i can understand quite well. i do understand way more than i speak though.

currently, i’m focused on learning french, and dabbling in italian. i’m not very good in either (better in french) but i’m trying hard. i want to go to school in france, and live in europe post-graduation, and i want to be able to take care of myself. also, i just really love the romance languages and want to be able to speak some of them.

now, i’m going to give you some of my tips for langage learning.

1. take it a step at a time. seriously, don’t try to do too much at once or you’ll drain yourself and not want to work at it anymore.

2. be consistent. everyday, just put aside five or ten minutes to work on your language.

3. immerse yourself, and take advantage of the internet. there are loads of resources for learning a language online. tons of websites and apps. for a website, i like learn101, there are a lot of languages on there. for apps, i really love duolingo, which you’ve probably heard of.

4. speak from day 1. even if you’re alone, just practice. practice saying the new words you’ve learned, or practice forming sentences and questions.

5. immerse yourself, part 2. books, movies, music, podcasts. listening and reading those in your language of choice will definitely help you.

one more thing i recommend is following people of that language in social media. seeing the language regularly on your feed will help you get used to it.
i hope these tips will help anyone attempting to better themselves at a language (including me haha). thank you for reading my loves


honestly, I didn’t even know how to start this post because I haven’t posted in forever. I’ve been so so busy with tennis practices and schoolwork, that I really haven’t the time. But I’ll be honest as well, the free time i did have was spent watching Criminal Minds on Netflix.

So, if you didn’t notice, I changed my site name. What used to be Xsimplebeauty is now letoilefloraison. I finally created a name that I truly liked, so I changed everything to it. I also started an instagram page a couple of days ago by the same name, where I post pictures that really fit my mood and aesthetic. Having it has been such fun so far, and I’ve already made a couple of friends.

I’m going to be trying to post more and more on this blog, as well as on my instagram (so follow me on there! @letoilefloraison). I’ll be posting more about simplistic beauty and style, and I might start posting about my language learning journey. I don’t know, we’ll see. Kisses to all!

blue mood

three years ago, i was a polyvore junkie. i spent alllll my free time creating outfits and moodboards, and honestly, 12 year old me wasn’t too bad at it. i redownloades polyvore to my phone approximately 20 minutes ago, just for the sake of nostalgia. i ended up creating this rather mediocre piece, but i like the ‘south of france’ vibe that it gives. hopefully this could depict my life one day. hope you enjoyed this short post, kisses and goodnight 🙂

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