Weekly Feature: Sabina from @Commeuneparisienne

~This will be a weekly series on my blog, where I interview and write about different inspiring girls and women~

Enter Sabina, a beautiful and collected woman, who runs the popular @commeuneparisienne account on instagram. I’ve been following Sabina for a while, because of her sweet personality and all the lovely and aesthetically pleasing pictures she posts. When I decided to do this series on my blog, I knew for sure that I wanted to feature her.

I DM’ed Sabina and asked her if she’d like to answer a few questions about style and beauty, and she happily obliged. I was incredibly excited to hear what she had to say about personal style, beauty, and her fashion inspirations, and I hope you guys are too.

When I asked Sabina about where she drew fashion inspiration from, she said she was inspired by loads of different people such as bloggers, celebrities, and instagrammers. She said the two instagrammers who influenced her style greatly were @josefinehj and @umeromaan, neither of which I’d heard of. Of course, I checked out their pages, and I could immediately see why Sabine liked them. Both of these ladies are beautiful, and have excellent taste in clothing.

Sabina also told me that she liked the vibe of French style. I asked her to elaborate, and she listed loads of tips for gaining the French/Parisian look. The big theme in this style is less=more. Keeping hair and makeup natural, paired with elegantly simple outfits, is the ultimate key to her laid back look. This lifestyle seems to differ from American beauty trends, where being made-up to absolute perfection is the norm. However, Sabina says that the beauty differences between the two cultures are starting to become similar because the two cultures are both inspired by each other; quite frankly, I agree.

Still on the subject of fashion, Sabina says that the capsule wardrobe is perfect for gaining a casual and stylish look, as well as developing one’s personal style. The capsule wardrobe is essentially when one does not own a huge amount of clothes, but rather elegant and simple base pieces. Things like well fitting jeans, neutral colored shirts, blazers, jumpers, and cute/versatile shoes are key to a capsule wardrobe. Also, Sabina says it’s a good idea to also have some jewelry and a nice handbag to round out the wardrobe. The capsule wardrobe is also perfect for people who have a bad habit of shopping too much. Having a few timeless pieces is a lot better than buying tons of clothes just because they’re in fashion, and taking up a lot of closet space.

Next, I asked Sabina about her makeup and skin care routine, because I’m not even joking when I say that she has stunning skin. She recommends clearing your face of makeup every night (major key) with micellar water. She also said that the pink Garnier micellar water is a perfect dupe for the coveted (and expensiveee) Bioderma one. She also uses Clinique’s cleaner and lotion, as well as products from her dermatologist and La Roche Posay.

Lastly, I asked Sabina if she had any tips on confidence for other girls, and she told me that she believes that confidence comes from knowing what your best features are, and I completely agree. She believes in accentuating your best features and and wearing clothing that suits your body type.

I learned loads from Sabina from talking to her, and I hope you learned something from reading this as well. Make sure to follow Sabina on instagram at @commeuneparisienne, and enjoy all her fabulous posts.



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