Altuzarra 2018 Resort Collection

I recently saw Joseph Altuzarra’s newest resort collection, and I’ve fallen into deep and irreversible love. While his signature is the pencil skirt with the slit, I see a lot more looks with pants in the 2018 collection than the 2017 collection. Also, while the 2017 collection was more about the knee length and tighter skirt, 2018 has a lot of longer and flowy-er slitted skirts, which I love a lot more. I definitely think those would be more comfortable for summertime weather.

2018 has a more corporate or business woman feel to it, and the cut of the clothing as well as the background of the shoot is offset by the lace detailing in many of the looks. In one pink suit in the collection, a ring of delicate pink lace lines the waist line and drapes behind, which I really love. According to Vogue, Altuzarra went for the Parisian feel, with soft lines and slits, but there is also an extremely casual feel to the clothing, differing from the street-style of Paris. Nicole Phelps of Vogue wrote that he did this because of the tilt towards more athletic streetwear.

All in all, I thought this collection was absolutely gorgeous.





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