Weekly Feature: Marina from @mari_malibu

~hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve done a feature, things have been pretty hectic. But I’m back; if you want to see more content, I will be doing youtube videos too:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuK0U3BlVfnZ3UfcWm8GzUg For now, enjoy this post!~


Marina from @mari_malibu of instagram, with 70.3k followers, is a beautiful and influential fashionista on instagram. I was given the opportunity to interview her over  DM a few weeks ago, and I’m glad to finally be back at my blog and able to share what she said.

Marina is famous for posting her ‘outfit of the day’ mirror pics on instagram, and let me tell you, her style is fantastic. She tells me that she loves vintage vibes, especially from the 70s and 90s (and I can definitely see influences from both of those eras in her looks). Her favorite stores to shop at are Zara, Pull&Bear, and her mother’s closet. Marina told me she likes to mix those modern pieces with older vintage pieces, and the result is literally stunning. bc9ce04da1e2b4611efa3a2933484e0a

As for beauty, Marina is pretty much blessed with beautiful skin and hair, plus gorgeous coloring. Her makeup tends to be on the very natural side, with only mascara and lipgloss in the summer. In wintertime, she says she’ll wear a bit more; concealer for under-eyes, eyeliner, blush, and lipstick. Marina is super simplistic and low-key when it comes to beauty, she says she doesn’t like to experiment, but rather prefers to stick with her routine. Honestly, I don’t blame her because if it works, why change it?

Marina also stressed the fact that simplicity is super beautiful. Her icon is Jane Birkin, and she really loves effortless elegance that Jane has, and tries to develop it for herself. According to Marina, you don’t need to have or spend a lot of money to have great style, and I think that’s very true.

Marina is super beautiful and sweet, and I wish her all the success 🙂


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