Language Learning

language surrounds us everyday of our lives. it is impossible to live without it. personally, i love languages and trying to learn them. i love that, with some effort, anyone in the world could understand anyone else. because i live in the united states, the english language has dominated my life. however, i’m half moroccan, and my mother will speak to me in arabic (north african dialect) and i can understand quite well. i do understand way more than i speak though.

currently, i’m focused on learning french, and dabbling in italian. i’m not very good in either (better in french) but i’m trying hard. i want to go to school in france, and live in europe post-graduation, and i want to be able to take care of myself. also, i just really love the romance languages and want to be able to speak some of them.

now, i’m going to give you some of my tips for langage learning.

1. take it a step at a time. seriously, don’t try to do too much at once or you’ll drain yourself and not want to work at it anymore.

2. be consistent. everyday, just put aside five or ten minutes to work on your language.

3. immerse yourself, and take advantage of the internet. there are loads of resources for learning a language online. tons of websites and apps. for a website, i like learn101, there are a lot of languages on there. for apps, i really love duolingo, which you’ve probably heard of.

4. speak from day 1. even if you’re alone, just practice. practice saying the new words you’ve learned, or practice forming sentences and questions.

5. immerse yourself, part 2. books, movies, music, podcasts. listening and reading those in your language of choice will definitely help you.

one more thing i recommend is following people of that language in social media. seeing the language regularly on your feed will help you get used to it.
i hope these tips will help anyone attempting to better themselves at a language (including me haha). thank you for reading my loves


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