Summer Beauty

song: regarde-moi, celine dion

it’s the middle of summer, and when it’s this hot outside, you just know that if you step out with a full face of makeup, you’ll start dripping like one of the popsicles that you see children running around with. i’m a person who enjoys minimal makeup anyway, so i’ve created a quick guide to summer beauty.

  1. sunscreen is a must. do not skip this step. do you know what happens when you sunburn? your skin cells commit mass suicide in order to protect you from cancer caused by the damaged DNA. i don’t know about you, but i’m not about killing my skin.
  2. pack up the foundation. any foundations or heavy coverage makeup that you have must be zipped up and stored until colder months. keep a light coverage bb cream, and a concealer readily available though.
  3. bronzer and highlight, all day everyday. (light handed) glow and definition without that much work. need i say more?
  4. gold/copper shadow. gold looks good on everyone, and its the perfect addition for some nighttime flair.
  5. mascara/brows. both are a hit or miss for me. i was blessed with dark and long lashes, so i tend to just curl them for the day, and i leave my brows bare. (thank you, moroccan genes.)
  6. lipstick. if you ignore everything else that i’ve written, make this the point you don’t ignore. lipstick can 100% pull you together.

don’t feel obligated to do all of these things, it’s just a guideline. i mostly just go without makeup during the summer, but these are things that i do when i want to look better. i hope you enjoyed this post, kisses!


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