The Cold Shoulder

In a social setting, being given the cold shoulder by someone usually sucks. However, in the fashion setting, the cold shoulder is prettyyyyy cool (pun intended). This trend has swept through pretty much every clothing store that you shop at. Personally, it took me some time to warm up to this trend (pun intended x2), but now I absolutely love it. Here are some of my favorites that I’ve found on several affordable online stores.

Forever 21

Charlotte Russe



Weekly Feature: Marina from @mari_malibu

~hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve done a feature, things have been pretty hectic. But I’m back; if you want to see more content, I will be doing youtube videos too: For now, enjoy this post!~


Marina from @mari_malibu of instagram, with 70.3k followers, is a beautiful and influential fashionista on instagram. I was given the opportunity to interview her over  DM a few weeks ago, and I’m glad to finally be back at my blog and able to share what she said.

Marina is famous for posting her ‘outfit of the day’ mirror pics on instagram, and let me tell you, her style is fantastic. She tells me that she loves vintage vibes, especially from the 70s and 90s (and I can definitely see influences from both of those eras in her looks). Her favorite stores to shop at are Zara, Pull&Bear, and her mother’s closet. Marina told me she likes to mix those modern pieces with older vintage pieces, and the result is literally stunning. bc9ce04da1e2b4611efa3a2933484e0a

As for beauty, Marina is pretty much blessed with beautiful skin and hair, plus gorgeous coloring. Her makeup tends to be on the very natural side, with only mascara and lipgloss in the summer. In wintertime, she says she’ll wear a bit more; concealer for under-eyes, eyeliner, blush, and lipstick. Marina is super simplistic and low-key when it comes to beauty, she says she doesn’t like to experiment, but rather prefers to stick with her routine. Honestly, I don’t blame her because if it works, why change it?

Marina also stressed the fact that simplicity is super beautiful. Her icon is Jane Birkin, and she really loves effortless elegance that Jane has, and tries to develop it for herself. According to Marina, you don’t need to have or spend a lot of money to have great style, and I think that’s very true.

Marina is super beautiful and sweet, and I wish her all the success 🙂

Altuzarra 2018 Resort Collection

I recently saw Joseph Altuzarra’s newest resort collection, and I’ve fallen into deep and irreversible love. While his signature is the pencil skirt with the slit, I see a lot more looks with pants in the 2018 collection than the 2017 collection. Also, while the 2017 collection was more about the knee length and tighter skirt, 2018 has a lot of longer and flowy-er slitted skirts, which I love a lot more. I definitely think those would be more comfortable for summertime weather.

2018 has a more corporate or business woman feel to it, and the cut of the clothing as well as the background of the shoot is offset by the lace detailing in many of the looks. In one pink suit in the collection, a ring of delicate pink lace lines the waist line and drapes behind, which I really love. According to Vogue, Altuzarra went for the Parisian feel, with soft lines and slits, but there is also an extremely casual feel to the clothing, differing from the street-style of Paris. Nicole Phelps of Vogue wrote that he did this because of the tilt towards more athletic streetwear.

All in all, I thought this collection was absolutely gorgeous.




Weekly Feature: Sabina from @Commeuneparisienne

~This will be a weekly series on my blog, where I interview and write about different inspiring girls and women~

Enter Sabina, a beautiful and collected woman, who runs the popular @commeuneparisienne account on instagram. I’ve been following Sabina for a while, because of her sweet personality and all the lovely and aesthetically pleasing pictures she posts. When I decided to do this series on my blog, I knew for sure that I wanted to feature her.

I DM’ed Sabina and asked her if she’d like to answer a few questions about style and beauty, and she happily obliged. I was incredibly excited to hear what she had to say about personal style, beauty, and her fashion inspirations, and I hope you guys are too.

When I asked Sabina about where she drew fashion inspiration from, she said she was inspired by loads of different people such as bloggers, celebrities, and instagrammers. She said the two instagrammers who influenced her style greatly were @josefinehj and @umeromaan, neither of which I’d heard of. Of course, I checked out their pages, and I could immediately see why Sabine liked them. Both of these ladies are beautiful, and have excellent taste in clothing.

Sabina also told me that she liked the vibe of French style. I asked her to elaborate, and she listed loads of tips for gaining the French/Parisian look. The big theme in this style is less=more. Keeping hair and makeup natural, paired with elegantly simple outfits, is the ultimate key to her laid back look. This lifestyle seems to differ from American beauty trends, where being made-up to absolute perfection is the norm. However, Sabina says that the beauty differences between the two cultures are starting to become similar because the two cultures are both inspired by each other; quite frankly, I agree.

Still on the subject of fashion, Sabina says that the capsule wardrobe is perfect for gaining a casual and stylish look, as well as developing one’s personal style. The capsule wardrobe is essentially when one does not own a huge amount of clothes, but rather elegant and simple base pieces. Things like well fitting jeans, neutral colored shirts, blazers, jumpers, and cute/versatile shoes are key to a capsule wardrobe. Also, Sabina says it’s a good idea to also have some jewelry and a nice handbag to round out the wardrobe. The capsule wardrobe is also perfect for people who have a bad habit of shopping too much. Having a few timeless pieces is a lot better than buying tons of clothes just because they’re in fashion, and taking up a lot of closet space.

Next, I asked Sabina about her makeup and skin care routine, because I’m not even joking when I say that she has stunning skin. She recommends clearing your face of makeup every night (major key) with micellar water. She also said that the pink Garnier micellar water is a perfect dupe for the coveted (and expensiveee) Bioderma one. She also uses Clinique’s cleaner and lotion, as well as products from her dermatologist and La Roche Posay.

Lastly, I asked Sabina if she had any tips on confidence for other girls, and she told me that she believes that confidence comes from knowing what your best features are, and I completely agree. She believes in accentuating your best features and and wearing clothing that suits your body type.

I learned loads from Sabina from talking to her, and I hope you learned something from reading this as well. Make sure to follow Sabina on instagram at @commeuneparisienne, and enjoy all her fabulous posts.

The Many Uses of Lipstick

First off, I want to say that lipstick is 100% the one thing that everyone should own. It’s one of the most versatile products ever and owning lipstick is just fun. Lipstick has been around for a really really long time, which just goes to show how much effect it has had on the world.

I actually read something pretty interesting about lipstick; Ancient Sumerian men and women are believed to be the first to invent and utilize ‘lipstick’. They had crushed up gemstones and used to pigment to decorate their faces. If I can barely cough up seventeen dollars for a MAC lipstick today, imagine how expensive a lipstick made from jewels would be. Similarly, Egyptians would crush bugs to be able to paint their lips a red color, but get this, it wasn’t for beautification. It was worn by the nobility to signify their social rank. Throughout history, lipstick is just something that developed at a snail like pace, until the 1920s+ when it become more and more popular to wear makeup. In the fifties and forties especially, lipstick became an essential part to the beauty routines of many women. Now today, we can’t turn a corner in the mall without seeing display for lipsticks, and I think it’s awesome.

Lipstick can be used for loads of things. It can serve it’s original purpose, to color the lips. But it can also be used as a cream blush or eyeshadow. If you have the right colors, you can even use lipstick as a colour corrector for skin blemishes under concealer/foundation.

Another reason why I straight up adore lipstick is because anyone can totally get away with wearing lipstick and no other traces of makeup. The right lipstick can brighten up your entire face; paired with good skin, it looks absolutely stunning. Especially red lipstick.

Some of my favorite lip colours are: MAC’s Ruby Woo and Velvet Teddy. NYX Soft Matte Lipcream in the shade Cannes, Lancome’s metallic lip in the shade Ooh La La, and Clinique’s lipstick in the shade Beauty.

Remember, the right lipstick can make all the difference in one’s appearance, and it’s perfect for the minimalist.

Le Début

I like pretty things, and I like writing. So I thought, why not combine the two? And that’s what I’m doing. I guess here, I’ll write about fashion, beauty, books, politics, personal experiences, short stories, and whatever else comes to mind. Also, in a few years, I’d like for this blog to be about my travels. As for my blog name, there’s really no meaning behind it. I just like that sense of la vie en rose.


My name is Yasmine, so welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy your stay

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